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We were at a range in AZ-very well known, and they have a red line behind the benches and a yellow line just in front. When it is CEASE FIRE and after all guns are INDIVIDUALLY checked for ammo by RSO, shooters may go downrange. DO NOT get caught in that area between red/yellow line while anyone downrange-man in tower will let you know on the PA!!

When someone sweeps you-tell em-DONT POINT THAT AT ME.

They will tell you it is not loaded. Tell THEM 69%(pick a number-a high one) of all those getting shot are shot w/ EMPTY guns.

From post #10 (dmazur-just above)

Rule 2 - Never point the muzzle at anything you aren't willing to destroy Guns in cases, guns laying on tables, and guns with actions locked open are essentially inert and Rule 2 doesn't apply to them. Applies to any gun being held by someone with the action closed. Doesn't matter if you know it's unloaded. (See Rule 1)

At the above range and many others a cased gun is treated just like an uncased gun. Harder to pull the trigger but still can be loaded.

I had the opportunity to shoot a 22BR match in NC. Their rang rules (for a match went like this)

1. Rifles were brought to the line and placed on a rack.
2. at some point the match director said "rifles on the benches". Rifles placed on the bench by the shooter, action open, of course.
3. Match was shot and at time end or whennall were finished-CEASE FIRE-check all rifles. Each shooter checked his own and the one on either side of his bench to make certain-unloaded/bolt open.
4. Remove rifles from bench back to rack.
5. Target person may go forward to retrieve/post targets.

Id guess this is a little excessive but it sure ELIMINATES the fiddling w/ guns that often occurs w/ someone downrange.

Id also bet no one has ever been shot there.

Perhaps that is SOP for matches. That is the only one I have ever shot in. Where I shoot we all check our own and coulpe benches that we can see on either side for safe conditions. We dont remove between cards.

Comments by regulars, please.

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