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BP shooting

Doc hoy, I've shot the real powder since 1970 and after reading you posting I had mixed feelings on if I should answer.
It seems that you are by nature a person who takes pleasure in being alone. There is nothing wrong with that as I myself feel that way a lot.
I do however enjoy shooting with people who think and shoot the same as I do. I shoot frontier Cartridge class in SASS matches. At most times as much as three matches a month.
I have seen several persons who say they use Rem oil after they have cleaned their guns. I have never seen nor heard of people using it during the firing session for several reasons.
The first and biggest is that the real Black Powder will create a huge tar like goo when exposed to any product that is of a petroleum base.
If you did hang out with BP shooters you would know that your procedure will work but is old school and a old way of doing things.
It's the same as using spit on a patch. Sure it works but will dry out if not fired right away and then leave a much harder gun to clean plus it will lose accuracy when compared to today's products.
The old timers used water because that is all they had. The problem with the dishwasher is that some people may not get all the residue out and cause rust to form.
Again your way has worked for you but they also have lubes made for BP that help with the accuracy that is much better than your way.
Today's toilet bowl rings are no longer made from 100% beeswax as they were at one time. they are made in China and contain what ever they can throw in the pot.
The old recipe of beeswax and Crisco was at one time the best available but is no longer true.
I will tell you that Windex/Vinegar is a great product for cleaning BP residue but my favorite is Ballistol which when mixed with water is called "Moosemilk"
It may be sprayed all over any gun made that has wood, leather and so on with out harm.
I also use a product called EEZOX that is a synthetic oil that beat all other products on a salt water exposure test.
Look on the Open Range forum for the test results.
A member by the name of John Boy did it a few years ago and it was all different oils put on steel wool and left on a sea wall. The wool was left for about a year and the EEZOX came out the winner.
Well if you want to try anything thats good if not that is also up to you. I'm always glad to talk with another BP shooter even when we do things different.
Take Care and Enjoy David aka Fairshake
SASS Frontier Cartridge class, 100% BP Shooter,
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