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bitttorrrent So my understanding is IL allows longun (rifle/shotgun) purchase in different state but must still follow the 24hr waiting period of the state of IL. So if I am an IL resident, and go over to IN to buy a gun, it is legal without FFL, but must wait 24hr.
When outside your state of residence you may only acquire rifles or shotguns from a licensed dealer.....absolutely no transactions with a nonlicensee.

Does IL have something on their books about being a student in another state or does that defer to what ATF says? Meaning, is there any other rules to follow in MO or IL that need to be followed or filed to prove you are a part time full time resident of MO.
I don't know much about IL law....Federal law has a different standard for the purpose of acquiring firearms than state laws do for other purposes such as voting, holding office, etc.

There is no such thing as "part time' resident under ATF regs.....while you may consider yourself a part time resident of two states, what ATF says is you are a resident of the state where you make your home.....and for proof you provide the alternate documents described above.
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