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I can put all shots within a two inch circle at 10yards
Taking the poster at his word, and I think we should, I'd say he knows how to shoot (probably better than lots of us here, including myself) but as he said, he wants to maximize the the benefit he can get out of this class.

I would ask the instructor if he had any material that the instructor thought would be useful.

In a single four hour course I think you have to concentrate on doing it the way the instructor tells you to do it. Lots of the suggestions here are great but might not be helpful in the class. Saying that 'in thus and such a book I read it would be better to do it this way' would probably be counter productive.

In other words take what the instructor has to offer and then later on 'evaluate' it to see what you think is good and useful.

Oh yeah, and try to have some fun too.
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