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Brickeyee, I have two rifles which I made up in gunsmithing school 40 years ago .I can take the stock off , replace it and the first shot is at the same point of impact as before removing !!! The rifles were made up in semi-arid CO , now in sometimes humid NY ! No problem. Remember that there are lots of variables.Forend and everywhere you can't see ! must be sealed either with polyurethane or light coating of glass/resin .Barrel free floating .Fairly thick glass around receiver ,down around receiver screws ,around trigger opening. The glass is for strength not just a sealer around the receiver.
BTW for rifles in general don't be afraid to be generous in free floating the barrel. While a business card [.004" ] may be OK for an arid climate taking that gun into a humid area requires a generous .040" for movement unless re-inforced.
And Watson , bring your revolver !
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