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Zullo...I agree 100% with everything you say


I am willing to take the risk that nothing will happen. If something bad happened I would really be happy if there were someone there to call for help. It is a chance I deliberately take knowing full well that I am increasing my risk.

I also load the chamber of a previsouly fired revolver with a CVA 1400 flask. I know this is more dangerous that using a scoop or some such. But I am willing to take the increased risk.

Now please understand, I don't shoot alone because I think it is safer. Safety has nothing to do with it.

I shoot alone for several reasons:

1. I don't shoot at structured ranges because of all of the rules. Many ranges around here are unfriendly to BP shooters.

2. I don't shoot at sanctioned events because I would not enjoy it. I might like watching it but not doing it.

3. I don't shoot around other shooters because of the distractions both to me and to them.

4. I don't take anyone else with me because part of the reason I shoot is to be alone.

Okay...Back on topic.....


Thanks for the response. I just read the label of the Rem Oil can and for sure it is an oil based lubricant and corrosion preventative (Mil Spec MIL-C-16173D Grade 3) The listing did not define "oil".

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