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alignment question, totoally confused!

Ok, here is what I have. Savage model 12FV, 26" heavy barrel, in 308. I have a Nightforce Benchrest scope mounted on a Warne 20MOA rail.
Problem- with the 20moa rail, I should be about 20" high at 100 yards, everything else being aligned. I have the elevation on the scope maxed out (can't bring the shots down any more), but still hitting about 8" high at 100. BTW, the scope has 40moa of adjustment.
Here is the kicker, at 300 yards, I am hitting 19-20" high, without moving the scope, still maxed out, so I can't bring my shots down.
Any ideas why my point of impact is so high? I should be able to dial in to zero the scope at this range with my mount.
I'm open to any ideas.
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