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My wife and I also go shooting together.

On nice weekends, there are usually other shooters but we occasionally have the place to ourselves. My wife's concerns are leaving the rifles unattended, even though it is a private range. Rather than argue with her (which rarely has any measurable benefit) I agree that we will take turns servicing targets, with the other playing babysitter to the rifles.

We follow the range rules, which are essentially
  • Rifles unloaded and cased when being transported.
  • Rifles must be pointed downrange when uncased.
  • Rifles must have actions open and remain untouched when range is "cold".
  • Range may be called "hot" when everyone is behind firing line and has had time to don hearing protection.
  • All members have RO responsibility and violations of the rules can mean loss of membership for all involved, including those present who did not act when a violation occurred.

She was present when the group of shooters at the benches cautioned one guy who started fooling with his scope when others were servicing targets. He argued for a few seconds, but gave up when someone explained what "don't touch" means.

I've never raised the "trust" issue and neither has she. I believe we both know that the only excuse for violating one of the range rules is ignorance, and neither of us is ignorant.
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