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Light loads in Glock 30

Hey guys.

My EDC is a glock 30. it has had 100% reliability with factory ammo (UMC 230 FMJ for practice and Hornady critical defense 185 gr FTX for carry). I also have shot my reloads through it with rare malfunctions until recently.

I've recently been aiming for a light load that still meets major power factor for IDPA. I shoot IDPA with a full size Kimber but I prefer to stay with one reload recipe for all my pistols for simplicity.

I've found that some of these loads were near 100% failure (Slide not even pushed back at all) in the Glock and probably 10% failure in the Kimber.
I've worked the load up to the following which is 0% failure in the Kimber and 4% failure for the Glock (FTE):

COAL - 1.260

Cases: Mixed
Bullet: Ranier 230 Plated
Primer: CCI 300
Powder: 4.8 gr Bullseye

Mean: 786 fps(Kimber), 714 fps(Glock)
lo: 758 fps(Kimber), 692 fps(Glock)
Hi: 814 fps(Kimber), 748 fps(Glock)
SD: 19 fps(Kimber), 16 fps(Glock)

Would you guys consider it normal that the Glock is more sensitive to light loads than the Kimber? As you can see some of these are down at 692 fps in the Glock even though they average 786 fps in the Kimber.

I've had the Kimber worked on for reliability issues and a trigger job. It had the slide lock replaced, and the full length guide rod was removed (Personal preference)

Could it be something else? The Glock is fairlly new with roughly 800 rounds shot and the Kimber with maybe 1500 shot.

I really don't want to have 2 different 45 ACP loads for these 2 guns, but I don't want to raise the power much more if I don't have to.

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