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Range Safety question(s)

Here in Az its not uncommon for recreational shooters to go out in the desert to shoot their firearms.This was the case a few weeks ago.I had just purchased a Mosin Nagant and took the wife out to give it a whirl. This is only the second time I have taken her out shooting,and this was only her first time ever shooting a rifle.

At first,I was going to setup the target down the wash a bit,but my wife called me on it and said,"what if someone or something comes up the wash?"

She was totally correct and I respected her judgement,So I scouted for a better location.

The area we finally ended up with was a bend in the wash with a Large rock formation as a backstop. We were at least 75-100 yards away from the backstop and target. We each had Safety Glasses,and hearing protection. All shells and litter were picked up prior to leaving the area.

My wife and I were taking turns shooting,5 rounds each. After each turn,we would both go down range to check the target.

On one occasion,after my turn,I asked my wife to accompany me down range to check the target. She declined and said "Im just gonna stay here and load the gun."

This threw up a red flag,as an unsafe act,and I again asked her to go down range with me. "She chuckled and said "What do you think im gonna shoot you in the back?" I thought "Not on purpose..."

I explained to her that it was a safety thing.She said she was just gonna sit back at the table I brought while I went down range. I insisted she go down range. She got all steamed,and blurted out "You dont trust me." With that she stormed off.

I tried to later explain to her that my methodology of going down range was instilled in me in the time I served in the Army.

I was taught that at a zero range(which is similar to how we were shooting) everyone one on the firing line goes down range to check their targets TOGETHER regardless if they are already zeroed. I can remember my time in the military,zeroing my weapon,and having to stay on the firing line until everyone was either zeroed,or out of rounds. I remember going down range with everyone else,standing there,and walking back with everyone and sitting in the foxhole while everyone else shot,and tried to zero.

Her thing is that is a moot point because I am no longer in the military and those rules dont apply anymore.

So this is how I was trained,and since this was my "range" those were my rules.

Was I out of line in my request of my wife to accompany me down range? She says she has talked to many people and they all say I was overly anal in my range safety procedures. Thoughts,opinions?

Needless to say,ill likely never take my wife shooting again,unless its at an actual range,which yes some will say would be the optimum environment,but who here hasnt gone out in the woods or deserted areas for some plinking?
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