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I know that I put myself at a disadvantage...

...because I never shoot with anyone else around.

What I know about shooting BP revolvers is what I read and what I learn on my own.

Because of my stubbornness I don't have access to the little tips and tricks that others find to be second nature and share willingly.

This is one of those occassions.

I have read in Hawg's posts that if one uses Rem Oil it is a good idea to swab it out before shooting.

I beleive I read in your post, Hawg, that the revolver cleans up easier after the day is done.

I have a cycle which works for me but since I never shoot with anyone else, I might be doing myself a favor to take your advice.

My cycle is fairly fixed.

I go to the range with clean and oiled (with Rem Oil) revolvers.

I shoot the revolvers with 24 to 48 shots. I used my recipe lube (Crisco and toilet donuts) and no wads.

Occassionally I wipe the revolver well with a cloth and Rem Oil during the shooting, but I don't do this every time.

After the last round I wipe the revolver down good and then spray it again with Rem Oil for the trip home.

Back to the house for cleaning in dish water, roasting in the oven at 275 to 290 until the parts are dry and then reassembly.

I put bore lube on the arbor or pin and spray the revolver for storage again with Rem Oil.

Note that I do not clean the Rem Oil off before shooting.

I don't notice a lot of goop in the bore or chambers. Don't find a build-up that is hard to get off the pistol.

What else should I be looking for?

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