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I gave the stock the finished OOOO steel wool and Howards Bee's Wax sanding. Makes the stock smooth as glass.

Installed the high dollar ChinaMart rifle slings

Put the sling on....
Installed the recoil lug and butt plate. I always put a strip of roofing tar paper in the stock guide (hell I dunno what the experts call it ) It does make a difference in reducing flyers and I do it in all my Mosin Brush guns. Stuff last till rapture and lifts the barrel in line perfectly.

Put it all back together and laser bore sighted it @ 50 yards from the hill back into a target I have taped on the wall of the garage. Dead nut.
Laced up the cheek rest/ammo holder (I love these $15 dollar things) It puts your face perfect in line with the high mount scope and holds 20 rounds (4 stripper clips) and it holds them there. Velcro is a wonderful thing.

I got another one yesterday from SOG. And I will do the same thing this week to it.

That's it guys. The muzzle brake will be here probably Tuesday...I will screw it on....probably have to thread a bit to get it to line up @ 90degrees....but all is simple.

Nothing I did in this conversion is difficult nor expensive. These are just great hunting rifles converted this way.

You can build this for under $200. Scope is like $50 and is the best inexpensive red dot out there IMHO.

Hope maybe this helps somebody and good shootin'!
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