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Polished and put my spacer in the trigger group so that is done. Installed a slack trigger spring.
(Preemptive post= Sarge you suck at pictures and should stay away from cameras)

From left to right is the original firing pin spring. A C&R Surplus reduced power spring and the last one is the Wolff Spring 22 lb. I use the reduced power spring on the brush gun. Significantly reduces the time and effort to open the bolt/cock. Have never had a light strike at all.
Polished and greased the pressure points in the bolt.

Mounted up the BSA scope mounts and the Millet Red Dot.

I also have taken a 20 gauge bore brush on the end of my drill motor and polished up the throat.
The barrel is like chrome right now so it is ready.

I have sanded the stock and the 2nd layer of stain is drying right now. On this one I went with MinWax Gunstock stain. I also drilled and installed the 2 sling rings. One coat of Polyurethane on it and this is ready to go hunting.

I also noticed as I was sanding there was an inscription.
Иосиф Виссарионович Сталин which Google tells me translates to
"Property of Joseph Stalin"
It came right off and looks better now.
We will go make some history with this thing down in Hog Hooterville.
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