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For whatever it is worth. Here is a little walk through from last week of a Mosin project I was asked to document.
Lot of younger guys (on tight budgets) need a inexpensive but accurate brush/hog gun.
The Mosin fits the bill and the process is simple and inexpensive. I have done dozens of these and I will attest they are accurate and reliable guns. Cheap to shoot with MilSurp and cheap to acquire. The 30.06 type round (7.62X54R) these Mosins shoot are perfect for the deer/hogs down here in South Texas.

I have found a 21 inch barrel is the sweet spot. So I cut off 7'ish inches off. Not rocket science here I chuck the barrel up in the vice and put my high dollar barrel cutting guide on ( 1/2" angle iron) where the cut is to be made and clamp it down with a C-Clamp. This allows a guide for my hacksaw and cuts a nice clean 90 degree face.

I then re-crown it. You can use a fine file and then the brass screw method...or get lazy in your old age and use one of Dave Manson re-crowning kits. I am old and getting lazy so Dave sent me one of his .30 MilSurp re-crowning tool sets. Either method works well.
I put a muzzle brake on mine. Really helps with the recoil and folks like them. Now the Mosin barrel is tapered. So depending where your cut is will determine the diameter you will thread.
If you do not cut your barrel at all and wish to put a muzzle device on the end it will take a 15mmX1mm die. I cut mine back to 21" and I use a 17mmX1mm die and muzzle device as the barrel diameter there is closer to .670. Lil further up it is closer to .639 and I use a 5/8"X24. You get the idea.
So I cut/recrown and thread.

(Premptive post/ Sarge you suck at pictures)
I cut the throat off the stock

Heat and remove the rear site and will mount a red dot on this one...but most get a LER scope. I use the BSA high mount 3/8" scope mounts and they have held rock solid for a kabillion rounds out of my Mosins.

There it is. I will finish this one probably tomorrow after sanding and staining the stock.
These make really nice brush guns and look great. All for under $200 bucks. Cant beat that with a big stick.
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