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true enough... identification begins way before some incident takes place. it begins with planning, security, and having all on board actively participating in the plan.

Despite all of this .. despite everyone practicing together various scenarios... things can indeed turn out poorly.

We all have our very best efforts and ideas laid out in our minds, and prayerfully, all will turn out great and no one will encounter anything dramatic, but if so, the home owner, renter, etc, will prevail by sticking to his or her plans..

I have my own, and for me... its a good plan. I live alone, no pets, no kids, and some plants that won't make September.

the thing is this, RESULTS WILL ALWAYS VARY!! No matter what the plan likely is when stuff hits the fan.

Regardless, thinking ahead as is being done here by tossing around different perspectives and ideas is always a good thing to do in advance, no matter the path one winds up subscribing too.
Will Rogers said, "there's 3 sorts of people in this world, those who learn by books, those who learn by the experiences of others, and those who just have to pee on the electric fence every now and then."

.... for me, life becomes less and less shocking with every pull of the trigger.
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