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Hi Matt


I don't expect any family member, fiance, friend etc, to be breaking into my house... things might be different for others or yourself.

Give your fiannce a key!

Knowing what is being said is important if an intelligent response is to be made.

Taking pot shots at something out of context is both 'pure folly' and says something about whomever breaks in unprepared and pops off a drive by posting.

every situation is different... I expressed my own circumstances.... AND my feelings about exposing yourself and how little one can actually find out about some burgalar in a split seconds burst of light... not only that but a strong light will affect your eyes too..

The mere presence of a stranger in ones home yields the pressence of a possible threat, and in the case of a home which is alarmed and monitored as well, as so many are and is my own, and they are still on the premises informs me the likelyhood of things going south fast is a viable assumption.

Lights flashing and sirens screaming, and some person hasn't headed for the highway yet?... sounds like someone wants more than money jewelry electronics, drugs or guns to me.

BTW.... any known persons would have contacted me by cell, phone, and or just tapping or beating on my bedroom window most likely. Close ones too. Family members would all have access keys... and I'd know where my loved ones are... I suppose some remote circumstances could change things but it's doubtful.

True too, those who know how I feel about such matters, and know me, also know I own weapons... and am not afraid to use them. trust me, they all either knock loudly or call me from the driveway on their cells... that is of course, if I'm not already outside awaiting them.

Perhaps knowledge is key... identification is knowledge... and as I said, the displayed light determines or supports your belief the intruder is indeed a stranger.... OK. Then what... and naturally, the "then what" only applies IF they don't shoot you.... or their partners don't shoot you.

There's no time for all the supposed rhetoric being jotted down here to be filtered thru!

Capturing is better left to the pros...

keeping myself and my loved ones breathing is my duty.

Here's one other scenario for ya... what if the interloper very closely resemgbles one of your friends and you make such a mistake?

NOpe. There's always someone which will interject some wierd ... just won't happen... situation to attempt to poke holes in someone else' notions.

But then, you've probably not experienced someone kicking in your door or busting in your window... and not responding to your cries for them to ID themselves... or to leave.

Once you have.. you may change your mind. I have. Recently. several times and its why I own guns again. Even though law enforcement says I can shoot thru the door I still want to hesitate... and that too is wrong in that case. I should have shot. there was established precidence.

I take no pleasure in this... for me it's all just too real and I aim to be standing in the aftermath. Let other's take chances of misidentifying someone, or identifying the person whose shooting first... not me. My gun's light will be the next to last one they'll see depending on their religious beliefs.

However ... anyone can proceed whcih way they choose. I've no problem there. I simply feel there's contingencies some folks here might have missed or overlooked and why I posted as I did.

Good luck...
Will Rogers said, "there's 3 sorts of people in this world, those who learn by books, those who learn by the experiences of others, and those who just have to pee on the electric fence every now and then."

.... for me, life becomes less and less shocking with every pull of the trigger.
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