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Well, I finally made it out to the range ( I shot 33 rounds. On the last half-dozen or so, my shoulder was tender. I quit at 33, as I didn't want to start flinching. I'm sure I'll 'toughen up' with practice and I imagine some of the issue may have been less-than-perfect technique. Yesterday and today, I can feel/tell I've been shooting, but I can't really say my shoulder is sore. For hunting, I probably won't bother with any kind of recoil pad. But for a bunch of shooting at the range, I think I'll order a PAST pad and see how I like it. I'm kind of doubting I'll need anything more, unless have a windfall of money and can afford to shoot a lot more.

BTW, after I got the scope adjusted from the original bore sighting, I was consistently shooting 1.5" groups at 200 yards (from a plastic table with a light sandbag). For not having shot a rifle in 38 years, I was quite pleased with my initial results.

Thanks again for the tips,
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