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By chance did you happen to have a round with low recoil / report? I had something similar happen to me a few years back, leaded bad like your’s. I was shooting a Baikal IZH35M semi automatic target pistol. Just like you, the accuracy suddenly got real bad. I shot about ten more rounds threw it, and decided to quit and shoot a center fire. When I got home an took the pistol apart, you couldn’t see the rifling in the bore. It was leaded that bad. The only thing I can figure that happened was a squib load, that somehow was powerful enough to cycle the action, but not powerful enough for the bullet to exit the muzzle. Then a follow up shot pushed the stuck bullet out, but leaded the bore badly. There was no harm to my pistol at all. Once I got the lead cleaned out, the pistol will still hold the X-ring at 50 yards.
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