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kingabby had his question hijacked

Probably in this day and age of instantaneous communication, buzzing around like bees at work, we all get in a hurry to blurt a response out.

Here's my .02. I always carry also. What that means is that anywhere I'm allowed to do so, I am. I will always have one on with at least one spare magazine, and where I wear it on my body and what clothing covers it wasn't germane to his question.

I might even go between a 1911 or a P226, but it matters not a whit does it? He is also right about the threat level being a "constant," one never knows whether the nice, quiet neighborhood one lives in or the nighttime urban jungle is going to pose "a problem," right?

Clint Smith said it right for me. I prefer to be comforted, not comfortable, and do my best to select gear to make the latter as good as possible and carry on with life.
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