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Trigger guard "holsters"

Glock Tech makes the MIC, Dale Fricke makes the Zacchaeus. I've used both. Prefer the Zach. The MIC has this extra move with the gun hand on the draw. Check out their video. Great idea. The problem is in determining the right length to knot the cord. The longer the cord, the better the gun sit IWB, but gun won't release on the draw because the cord is too long. The shorter the cord, the gun won't sit deep enough IWB, but the gun will release on the draw. Trial and error to find a happy medium. Good minimalist carry but tends to shift IWB with prolong wear. I've used it in conjunction with the Clip Draw and gun was more stable IWB. Make sure to position the gun IWB so you can achieve a good combat grip on the draw. Hope this helps. Also, using this type of holster at range is a hassle because you need both hands to reholster the gun. Keep that finger off of the trigger and watch your muzzle!

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