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Thats a big one, looks like the same one in the picture.
The Feral Hog reproduces very fast, and most of the shoats that are born survive, a young female hog can reproduce at 6 months of age.
They are a species that need to be hunted hard just to keep the population in check.
The state I live in allows hunting for them year around, and they dont care if you keep the meat or not.
I myself keep the meat, if its a good hog, but if its a smelly boar, I let the vermon have at it. The Boys and I cought a nice young Sow yesterday with hunting dogs, and are having it turned into pork stake and sausage.
I will post a picture of the boys holding the hog, by the back legs when I get them downloaded.
We put the hog down with a Polish Tokerev TT 33 7.62x25 Pistol.
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