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As far as training, practice your draw and reloads at home, with an EMPTY gun. This part is very important, make sure your trigger finger is not on the "bang switch" during reholstering and reloading.
This is the biggest problem I see with new guys at the matches. We had 2 guys get DQ'ed yesterday for AD's.{accidental discharges} Remember, safety is paramount.

I shoot both USPSA and IDPA, I will quite often shoot my carry gun with a CC leather holster. Properly broke in and tension adjusted, it's darn near as fast as a kydex rig if you practice a little. If your going to CC, use that holster. You can always pick up something more suitable for competition at a later time.
When you attend your first match, you'll be one of the "new guys". Take your time, the RO will be watching you closely to make sure your being safe. Enjoy the match, have fun and don't be afraid to asked questions. I found that 99% of shooters are more than willing to help you.

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