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Aw, 603, it's sort of a distance thing. I generally don't go for neck shots out past 150 yards. Most of my .243 kills have been in the sixty- to 125-yard distance, so the neck shot was a gimme. Off the cuff, I reckon maybe 20 or so of some 24 kills were neck shots. With my '06, commonly at longer distances, I generally went for the heart/lung shot. Probably more of a half-and-half "score".

OTOH, my father was an exceptional shot. I watched him one time call and hit the white spot, offhand, at around 250 yards. Witnesses told of his doing the same at around 500 yards. (He never spoke of such fun things.) I watched my uncle break the neck of a jumping deer as it leapt a fence, at around 125 yards. Stomped the brakes on the jeep, grabbed the rifle, and ruined Bambi's day. And then grinned at me with a, "Bet you can't do that," look. I stayed kinda zipper-lipped.
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