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Well, there's that. Good point.

I often lose perspective as to how another with decent eyes can be influenced or distracted sheerly from the intensity of an immensely brillliant light. it does force one to turn away or hide their eyes somehow. Me too actually.

I've had the ability to fully use a very bright light as effectively as one probably could. So I have but a single train of thought as to the use of any light and that is to acquire and defeat an intruder with it.

My handheld is a Jetbeam... 400 lumens... lots of fill with an utterly intense beam on its highest setting. On it's lowest setting you could use it in a theater to look for your keys or something you dropped and not bother anyone else from it's spill. It has 4 levels. Tail button sw, with memory for the last used setting, or by using just the function sw a full on strobe which if held for a few seconds will then remain on until you switch it off. Aircraft aluminum and water proof. Got it from here

They don't show my model though. Guess lights are as quickly outdated as are i Pads.

Saw a review today saying many things about bulb replacements for Surefire and Streamlight, and dealextreme for the Ultrafire 501b and Hugsby flashlights.... at around $20 for 250 lumen you can mount or hold. I didn't save the link but it should be easy enough to Google for if 'Hugsby & review' are in the search terms.

Anyhow the fella at Longhorn Tac is very helpful and paitient... though some of thier offerings aren't too cheap. I'll vouch for the one I got is first quality though. its bounced off the floor more than a few times from a counter, table, bed, etc. and works flawlessly. usually you can wind up with 10 - 20% off and free shipping.

With loops, you can attach this light to a long gun... or shot gun too as you can with many of the Jetbeams.
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