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44AMP, I can pretty much guarantee that every police union from FOP to AZCOPS will fight that tooth and nail. As a 10 year vet of corrections, I watched unions do whatever they could to protect officers, mostly from getting fired or disciplined for being screw-ups! It took a mountain of paperwork and personal intercession from at least one Archangel to get someone fired.
If you find yourself caught up in a "wrong address raid", and if it's clear that said raiders are indeed LEOs, just do as they tell you
How am I supposed to make "sure" it's LE when they are shining the spotlights into my eyes, popping flashbangs, yelling contradictory orders and/or shooting at me? I don't have time to ask to see Department issued ID!!! There is NO, let me repeat that, NO EXCUSE for a TYPO error that gets an innocent civilian shot or injured. My wife will be on the phone with 911 per plan, so if she gets through before they breach the door, then we can get it resolved fast.
I repeat it for the last time, I have no reason to ever suspect I will be the target of a police dynamic entry warrant service. I am not a criminal, nor do I consort with known criminals or frequent known areas of criminal activity. Therefore, I WILL RESPOND AS IF WHO EVER IS BREAKING DOWN MY DOOR IS AN ARMED HOME INVADER. PERIOD.
If I was Lenny the Local Drug Dealer, I could expect a no knock to prevent the drugs from being flushed, or if I was Rodney the Kidnapper Rapist I could expect a no knock to prevent the death of a potential hostage. NOT being any of these, (hell, last TRAFFIC TICKET I got was 20 years ago!!!), I do NOT expect to have my door broken down, and as the Constitution STATES, I have the right to be secure in my home against unreasonable searches, which a TYPO would be, also period.
The onus was ALWAYS on us when we did a forced cell move or any other use of force, explain in detail exactly why you did that, and every one else did the same. These IRs could save you or hang you if you screwed up, and individual officers could be terminated over extremely bad actions - this is with convicted criminals, not Grandma and Grandpa peacefully watching TV until the flash bangs go off! So I say the onus should always be on those serving these no-knock warrants, always. If you get it wrong, YOU ARE THE RESPONSIBLE PARTY. I don't get a break for forgetting my license renewal, or making a typo on my taxes, and I'd bet nobody ever dies during those actions...
I'm sorry if this stance offends anyone, or makes any LEOs uncomfortable, it is not meant to do, not at all. I have always said those who wear the badge should be held to a higher standard, not a lower one, which is why I actively tried to end "professional courtesy" to staff caught speeding or any other lawbreaking.
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