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Browning Help! Cant figure out the year.

I have a FN Browning M1922 that I just cant seem to place a year, or who the contract was for. Also I have NO idea what its worth. To start, it has the serial number 283297, no prefix. It has 17 serrations on the slide, Trigger guard has FN inside a box on the left side, above the trigger on the left side there is a symbol of a lion over PV * C. The grips say FN. The barrel also has the lion over pv * C, but also has a crown over ELG. The slide also has that same lion over pv * c. the right side of the trigger guard has a weird symbol that looks like it has 3 stamps on it. it *appears* to have an "A" inside half a box, a "P". MAYBE an "f" *if i can see it right* and an O or 0. it also has a lanyard ring on the left side of the grip. its in 32acp (7.65). any help will be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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