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Should I need any crazy camo for shooting them with in 5 acres distance?
Back when, a hunting buddy believed in wearing all white. I'm not sure how effective it actually was, but he popped an impressive number of whistle pigs every year. I personally believe that they key on movement more than color or pattern.

By the way, the term "whistle pig" came from the sound they make when alarmed, but I found that a "silent" doggie whistle made 'em sit up and take notice. Be ready though; you only have a few seconds to sight and shoot when they stand up to see what's up.

My technique was a bit unique. In a 50 acre field, I'd set up a fold-up chase lounge on a high point. Essential equipment included my rifle, a pair of 10X50 binoculars, a small cooler filled with Pepsi or Coke, a Sony Walkman with headphones and your favorite music, a good magazine, and patience at or just after sunrise, or at or just before sunset. Scout fence lines in particular. If you have a newbie hunter with you, use him to "go fetch" if you're hunting for the pot

We hunted primarily to prevent holes in horse pasture. A buddy intentionally used a small caliber so that the piggie would dive into his hole before dying. Dead AND buried!, although I wasn't really comfortable with that. I prefer a quick kill. DRT.
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