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I had to help clear an apartment complex parking lot of a really large Javalina a couple of nights ago, after full dark. More here:

The flashlight was critical in staying out of the critter's "personal space". I was able to herd it without scaring it into a charge. Decent backstops were few and far between. And with the light off the gun, I was able to leave the gun holstered, hand on it, flashlight in the other hand...didn't want to terrify any residents popping out who didn't yet know about the megapiggie.

I was by far the best equipped person present. I had the most potent gun (full-house 357) and a cheap dual-CR123-based flashlight with a "160 lumen" rating. Probably closer to 120 or 140 or so but it's good enough for my needs:

It's been tough over a year's daily carry, effective, oversize by a bit but a solid "thwacker" at either end if needed. Nice recessed tailcap switch. The downside: the "width" control is a joke, it's going to be a narrow-beam no matter what. And I do NOT want crap like strobes or multi-intensity-whatever switches - in an emergency I want straight-up on/off thank you!
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