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One possible way to reduce the errors (overall) is to make it so that while the city/county/state/etc., is responsible and pays (or their insurance pays) when found liable in court, the individual officers and their supervisors would have their wages garnished to pay back the city/insurance company, etc.

Not likely, but if implemented, I feel pretty confident that a bit more care might be taken, when their personal paychecks are on the line.

I have to wonder about the methods used in some situations. I have heard of many cases where police spent months or even years investigating, but then when they actually go to make the arrest, it has to be lightning fast, and hang those petty details, like the correct address....

On the other hand, the hundreds or thousands of correct address raids that happen for each of the badly wrong ones means that while individually a bad address raid is a bad thing, overall, it is a very minor problem, statistically.

Which is why damage awards need to be high, to ensure this otherwise insignficant problem is treated as something important. And anything costing a lot of money to the police, is important. Trouble is, the police themselves, don't PAY they money. It doesn't come out of their pocket, and usually doesn't come out of their budget, either.

Other than a tongue lashing, and maybe some minor discipline for a mid level administrator (a few weeks off WITH PAY!?) what really happens to force them to ensure that they get it right, each and every time?

Nothing, that I am seeing....
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