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Nobody is perfect, maybe the police just got the wrong address.

Not that simple my friend. Sometimes innocent lives have been taken. The least that happens is thousands of tax payers $ in investigative man hours are wasted due to the blown LE cover. The real BG's shut down only to relocate and start the process all over.

To say "maybe the police just got the wrong address" is ludicrous if you know the chain of events that's supposed to happen prior to a raid. Police don't just get the wrong address. There's a drastic break down of communication between LEO somewhere along the way in the LE events leading up to the raid for this to happen. Even if the courts issue the warrant with the wrong address on it, somebody with the entry team should double check confirmation of the address well before the raid. Not afterwards.

It's not to much to expect that the most important piece in the whole puzzle 'the location of the raid' would be severely scrutinized/double,triple checked from the onset of the investigation till the ultimate raid.

IMO, raiding the wrong location, shows/ranks among the worse in LE departmental discipline and is totally unacceptable.

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