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Sounds like you just need the feed ramp recut slightly lower. This is a VERY common problem on what you are describing. An easy way to prove this is the case, make up some marking grease. That is a mixture of plain old wheel bearing grease mixed with alot of carpenters chalk line powder. Load up a full mag since a full mag will hit the lowest point on a feed ramp. Put a dab of the grease on the top bullet tip & replicate the described jam. Pull the side back so you can mamualy engauge the slide stop, take a small screw driver and push the top round all the way back into the magazine by way of the rim. Drop the mag and see if you have a grease mark below where the feed ramp realy starts to ramp to the chamber. If the bullet mark is on the feed ramp, polish it out with a dremil polishing tip, is just a rough ramp surface. or if the mark is not quite on the ramp yet, you can find a better magazine or cut the ramp slightly to below the grease mark with a stone tip on a dremil. Just keep your ramp straight. slightly deeper at the bottom to extend it but hardly touch it at the top where it meats the chamber. polish out the final work & your done with no shipping or hassel. Iv done alot of these over the last 30 some odd years, Anyone whos some what dremil handy should be able to knock this out for you. good luck
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