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Maybe yes, maybe no. I spent several years working for an organization that provided legal defense for municipalities. Technically, we did not provide "insurance," but we did provide financial coverage for certain events. The coverage that we provided covered compensatory damage, but not punitive damages. Assuming victory on the part of the plaintiff, the questions will be: (a) whether the policy provides coverage for compensatory damages, punitive damages, or both; and (b) what kinds of damages are awarded.

You are absolutely correct Spats McGee...
...Took the privilege of highlighting the 'insurance' statement of your post, hope you don't mind.

Most municipalities are considered 'self insured' and do not carry an insurance policy through a separate ins. provider.

Two noted cases I remember in Cols., Ohio:

First case:

involves 4 legally parked (expensive) cars in a residential area and a hook-n-ladder fire truck. Cars were parked on the street,against curb on a slight curve. Fire truck is on a run. Tiller(guy steering rear of hook-n-ladder) let the rear of the unit sideswipe all four cars doing extreme damage. The owners of the car received $300 each per car. That's all the city was legally required to pay, period. The cars involved, two Mercedes, a Volvo station wagon and a very nice late model Corvette.
You couldn't buy a side mirror for any of these cars for $300 let alone repair the extensive body damage.

Second case:

involved a raid of a suspected drug house in which the wrong house was invaded. The mistaken house which was raided was owned by an elderly, wheelchair bound man. He was peacefully sitting in his wheelchair in his living room, watching TV when flashbang's were sent through his windows, his front door breached and he was taken out of his wheelchair. His arm was broken as well as separated ribs.
The city paid for repairs to his house, repairs on his broken wheelchair and paid his medical expense's. He(his family) sued the city in which the city settled with them,out of court for a ridiculously low, undisclosed(to the public) amount.

Ironically, this extremely embarrassing event wasn't highly publicized in our local newspapers. Just one very brief, small article when the incident first happened, buried two or three pages back in the newspaper. No follow-up articles.

Both these incidents were handled extremely unfair to the victims. Witnessing over thirty years of similar incidences, I can honestly say, if you have some kind of unprovoked altercation with most municipalities, in which you are totally innocent, you will not be compensated as you would having the same altercation with a private company or individual. Not by a long shot.

Second from news reports there is an increasing number of fake police raids as part of home invasion robberies.
This has been a huge problem in the State of Ohio recently. IFAIK there have been something like 5-6 incidents in the last 4 mos. We've currently got a guy going around pulling people over in LE garb and even has a beacon in his car.
We've had home invasions in which the BG's were dressed in LE attire and in one case, there car looked like a patrol car.

Scary for sure. Not only for the residence but LE as well.

Note: If what appears to be LE knocks at my door, before I open the door a quick call to dispatch will be placed. Regardless if I see a what appears to be a cruiser in the drive.

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