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Most often I will be carrying my HK45C for concealed carry. I like th single stack compact .45 for ease of concealment and I'm comfortable shooting it. I'm also accurate with it and with shot placement being critical accuracy it paramount. I own all three calibers mentioned most frequently and find the .40S&W to be a bit snappy on recoil whether I'm shooting my full size, or compact USP. That makes quick follow up shots a bit harder to acquire. I enjoy shooting my high capacity USP 9mm and it is the cheaper of the group to practice with. I will carry it when I feel a need for a high capacity pistol and clothing permits. I also like a single stack 9mm for concealed carry as well. I shoot my Walther P5 well and it has proven to be very accurate and easy to conceal. Which ever pistol fits you well and you can shoot with consistency should be the one you go with. A .380 that works for you is better than nothing at all. The same could be said about a .2LR. I prefer to carry the .45ACP when practical. Good luck and enjoy.
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