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Well...I managed to snag a new one on eBay today for a total of 84.95 shipped. Should be new according to the auction listing...

"...Bushnell red dot TRS-25. This scope came with a new shotgun I got From Gander Mt. I do not like red dot scopes that is why I am selling it. Gander Mt. sells this scope for 99.95 Comes with box & manual."

So I ended up paying a few extra bucks and bought it 'second hand', but its a much better deal than $100+ I was seeing all over the net.

Come to find out, I don't have much patience and just luckily snagged this one for a decent price. It was gonna kill me to wait until mid-April. For God's sake, I've got run & gun drills to do; I can't wait that long
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