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Originally Posted by kinggabby
...I am talking about I hear people say If I am going to a such and such part of town the I carry something bigger or more ammo because it is a bad part of town...
And that's an important point.

There's the story about the Sheriff who goes to the fancy garden party. The hostess goes up to him and says, " Sheriff, I see you're wearing your sidearm. Are you expecting trouble? At my party?"

The Sheriff replies, "Why no ma'am. If I were expecting trouble, I'd be carrying a rifle."

I carry whenever I legally can (mostly on trips to other States). I'm not going to try to guess whether or not I'll need my gun. Chances are I won't need it, but I'd feel pretty foolish if, for some reason, I did need but didn't have it.

And if I thought that I'd really need my gun some place, I wouldn't go there.
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