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People need to read the entire thread before commenting. I Have said before I am not talking about how you carry depending on clothes and venue. I am talking about I hear people say If I am going to a such and such part of town the I carry something bigger or more ammo because it is a bad part of town. This part that is in bold is what I am getting at. I can understand that if you are wearing a bathing suit you are not going to carry a Desert Eagle. And I understand that you might want to carry a .380 in a suit pocket if you are going out to a nice dinner or to Church. Again what I am saying is if I am out of the house if I carry lets say 40 rounds of ammo and a .357 then why would I change that for a different part of town? It is as if you can predict evil when you travel out of your nice parts of town . Criminals are not going to say I will not carry less because I am in a nice neighborhood. They are going to make sure they are totally prepared no matter where they decide to commit a crime whether it is a nice neighborhood or a bad one. .

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