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@WildBill45 : I'm not the safety when the pistol is in my pocket and it is free to move around and get snagged on branches, store shelves, etc. I own a Glock, M&P, and a PPQ. I have no issues with them not having safeties because I can put them in holsters. Since we are talking about pocket pistols that you might throw in your pocket (or purse for the ladies), it is very useful to have the option of having the safety on. Also, if you read my post I said that I can just put the pistol in the holster and leave the safety off, its in the holster so it is secure and protected. I'm not insecure. Its just not wise to not have a safety on when the trigger is capable of being snagged by foliage (or random stuff in your purse for the ladies).

The bottom line is safety and training. Not protecting the trigger is asking to be shot in the leg. Not training with your gun to take the safety off is your fault, not the guns fault. Also, you can leave the safety off if you don't want to forget. I just like the OPTION of being able to have the safety on if it makes sense. Options are always better.
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