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just a thought.I would think if the church is all so a school you would not be able to carry while its a school.( the hours its running as a school )other than that then its a church.

in SC its ok to carry while in the parking long as you do not have to enter or go into you can carry.if I had to go through a fence like for a football game I cannot carry.but if I could watch the game from outside the fence I would be OK.

there is one school here that can put you into a bit of a has a fence around three sides of one has to draw fake lines in front of it from both sides of the doing this you can only carry in the parking lot.I can say that there is another school I can carry all the way around the has no fence what so ever or gate to pass through.

one just has to have a good clear mine to their state laws along with the Federal laws.
life is great but its better when you can own as many guns you wish to own.for me I haven't bought enough yet.
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