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Vermont is great where guns are concerned. It is the way it should be everywhere. Unfortunately, because there is no licensing at all I don't know of any states that will issue a non resident permit. That's something you'll have to check out. NY being NY recognizes no one. NYC even threatened out of state active police officers with arrests if they came to the city armed from Florida I believe. They came and left happily.

Being a retired police officer and licensed to carry concealed, I can qualify each year for permission to carry in all states under Federal Law HR218. I think retired police officers in Vermont may also have a problem, since HR218 requires a license where you reside.

Because I'm lazy and spend a lot of time in Pa. I simply got a Florida carry, which is good for 5 years. Different states that accept licenses from other states sometimes restrict those licenses to only residents of those states. Be careful. For example, being a non Florida resident many states like NH won't allow me to carry there, cause they only recognize Florida residents. A friend of mine has a target permit in NY and wanted a cwp in Pa., cause he has a vacation home there, but was told because he didn't have a concealed carry in NY they wouldn't give it to him. He then got a cwp from Florida and can now carry in Pa..
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