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Reading again that having an extra light or one not on the weapon is a good idea is something I agree with now. Although I still will have a light on my primary and secondary weapons. All are capable of imtermittent or prolonged operation by my choice.

I did acquire a bit of the ‘tacticwild’ flu not long ago… it’s OK I’m better now and bought one of those itty bitty one inch wide barrel and six inches long flashlights that put out enough light to embarrass the sun. 400 lumens reputedly, when on HIGH or STROBE. Two CR 123A batteries, and boy does it eat batteries, but then I do use it often outside of the house when I hear something that isn’t normal or something that is out of place and suspicious enough for me to investigate it.. $70.

I’ll not trust my life to it by thinking I can use it to disrupt, blind, or some even say, immobolize an assailant. It’s sole purpose is to help me save my own life. By using it’s reflective lighting, or by using it as a stabbing or hitting with weapon as a last resort. Actually if it comes to that I must be fighting a T5000 terminator, as he’ll get ten 12ga 00 buck, and fifteen .45cal 185gr JHP. With any luck at all he’ll slip on the wet floor where I’ve already voided as he approached and I can run away.

I’ll not attempt to catch another’s eyes and hope to blind them with some flashlight! That’s ridiculous.

My circumstances are a bit different than all of you fathers and mothers, I’m a bachelor and have no inside pets routinely.

In my state there is a ‘Stand your ground’ statute.

I am in fact legally blind too.

I have an alarm system with redundancy set up as well as exterior motion controlled area lighting. Even if the BG pulls the meter out of its can on the power pole my alarm system operates and dispatches by it’s built in battery back up and cell phone component.

I’ve also endured 3 violent attempts to enter my home these past months. 3 others while I was away briefly shopping or at church.

I do not wish to kill anyone. Ever. But with my visual impairment, IF I have the displeasure of a late night intruder, my plan is to disarm the sirens, asap, and await whatever comes to me.

If the sirens weren’t enough to run him/her/them off, I’ll likely not go towards what sounds I hear. They’ll be defeated so I can hear.

I hear pretty well.and the house is not huge. Hopefully, all I should hear is them exiting given the sirens recent bursts.

I’ve thought about this a lot and figured to loudly direct the ‘guest’ to hit the deck or die! What if these folks aren’t into taking orders? What then?

Then I came up with this plan… Wait. Listen. Stay calm. Prepare. And if the threat then approaches my position, I’ll use my lights to acquire and shoot them till there is no more movement or sound coming from it/them.

I know full well what I’ve just said and wonder why some of the words Ive used weren’t said by others. I’m not shooting to maim. Distract. Or ward them off. I’m playing for keeps. If I have to use my gun (s) ever, as I must presume they are willing to go to those lengths as well especially if they’ve violently or even covertly entered my home unannounced or without permission to do so.

AS a matter of fact…. One officer recently tried to by pass my civil rights and tried forceably to gain entry to my home!

Completely unannounced at that time, he simply walked up to my kitchen door and tried to force the door knob several times. No knock. No cell call informaing he was at my home or my door. Just tried to walk in like he owned the place.

I picked up my pistol I had at the table, and yelled out asking who it was with no immediate answer coming back to me…. I removed the safety and took more cover… and prepared for the worst.
Then a yell came, “POLICE!”, and nothing more.

I stood up to unlock the door with my pistol at the ready for I’ve still a legitimate doubt, and replied, “You better be a cop!” and commenced to unlock the door.

That situation almost came to a dire end. All because some Hot Rod cop figured he could forego his training and my rights to fulfill his interests.

It gets even wackier after that tenuous moment but I’ll refrain. The deputy was clearly in the wrong.

Not being able to see well enough as so many others posting here puts things into a different ‘light’ for me. After a couple shots I’ll not hear too well either. Consequently, I’m forced into a real mess.

From past expeirnces I’ll say this and shut up… IF a person is ‘dispatched’ let’s say… it sure ain’t like it is in the movies. They’ll be laying there for a while. A WHILE! Pics have to be taken, your statement, yada yada… THEN ‘they or them’ will get removed… along with you too… maybe. Usually not though, if the above scenario is the case.

Then you have to deal with the aftermath of it all… and that stinks just as much as did the event persipitating the shooting… but it lasts longer.

There’s been an immense amount of wisdom posted in just this thread. Enough to save lives. Or to not if one chooses to dismiss it.

I don’t care terribly for the idea of shooting to disable. I adhere to the notion if a gun is used do it in such a way as to entirely, completely and utterly halt whatever wrongfully intrusive thing that is there to cause you & you’rs harm.

then I'll juse my little tactical light so I don't stumble over the bodies... or the crooks might if I'm not quite so successful with my plan.

Nice thread.
Will Rogers said, "there's 3 sorts of people in this world, those who learn by books, those who learn by the experiences of others, and those who just have to pee on the electric fence every now and then."

.... for me, life becomes less and less shocking with every pull of the trigger.
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