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I generally agree with PSP.

I have one.
I have been asking myself the same question since I started carrying my Glock.
The T9 fits my hand well, which apparently means I have small girly hands.

I will say it is more accurate than any centerfire pistol I have shot even close to it's price. I have seen shot a few high dollar 1911s that were more accurate, but at least double the price.
Before I shot it I thought all the guns I was shooting were not holding me back. The first range session I realized I was VERY wrong.
For DAO the trigger is VERY VERY nice.
The fit and finish is excellent.
I'd rather carry my 9mm G27 for capacity and smaller, even if fatter.
For a range/target gun I would rather something with a target oriented trigger.
I have a sweet custom crossdraw holster and it looks great in that rig(super comfy carrying in the car also).

I have one I am very willing to sell, but not for anything close to what anyone is willing to pay.
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