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Jeez this went pretty far off topic at one point without being closed or edited.

I mentioned 50 rounds per week as I believe that is the minimum average you should shoot if you are carrying a gun and then in specific carry oriented drills, preferably with your carry gun in correct caliber. At times I fail to meet that standard and at times I easily surpass it.

I shoot Glocks with conversion barrels, so I have experience with them in 9mm and 40 on the exact same gun. I absolutely can not shoot the guns as well with a 40 in as with a 9mm in. The subcompact has the biggest difference, but there is a difference for the other sizes also.

Reloading 9mm isn't worth it if you value your labor at half of minimum wage.

If I am in a shooting the type of load I am using is the least of my worries, even after the fact. First the police/prosecutor has to ID they are handloads and my guess is most of the time they won't, and second they have to overlook all the trigger jobs, forward serrations, grip texturing, and the custom engraved skulls all over the gun.
JK, mine is stock except the barrel switch.
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