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For anyone considering buying one...your best bet is going to be to wait until mid April which is when I am being told by NUMEROUS online dealers as well as Bushnell that they'll be re-stocked for around $80.

You know how it goes when you get a new toy and want that accessory that you just can't seem to find the right deal on...You think you want it so bad that you go on ebay or gunbroker and pay twice what they retail at other places for because you have no patience....yeah not gonna happen here. If I can't snag one new on ebay for less than $90, I'm just going to forget about it for a month and hopefully they'll be restocked everywhere as people say they will be.

There's a lot of people out there trying to take advantage of supply and demand with jacked up prices. I guess its a question of how bad you need it, and if you have any patience.
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