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This is one of my pet peeves.

1) A light on a gun is a target. It also removes independent mobility of the light. You cannot pan an area without moving your entire body. Learn to shoot one handed in the extended and tucked positions. Learn to shoot cross wrist and with your off hand held high. The light is also a weapon. Held in the had it is a strike weapon with a hammer blow. You can strike him with it if he jumps you at close range, then fire.

2) Use enough light! These cheap lights just don't get it. You want to blind him in a face on encounter. Also, it should be bright enough that if you pitch it to the ceiling it lights up the whole room. My Streamlight Stiron LED does that.

3) Screw house clearing!! That requires training. It also requires a partner to be done right. The only reason to cross that house is to protect your loved ones or get to the safe room. Your T.V. just isn't worth killing someone over, and especially putting yourself in the line of fire. (Besides, replacing floor because of a blood stain is likely more expensive) Leave house clearing to the pro's. Lets understand, he may fight you but when he sees those flashing lights outside the house and knows it some cops coming to get him he will likely give up.
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