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Oh how i've stayed at the gun range far to long talking about this subject.
I think it comes down to personal preference. For me i like the idea of both. But i actually have a TLR3 on my gun at home. and although it does show whatever you're aiming at it also will light up the whole room.
I like it But i do agree about the "bad guy" aiming at the light. But i also think he's going to be kind of stunned and eyes not adjusted.
also my TLR doesnt have the strobe on it. (because i'm always broke,haha)
And i think if you have that feature on the light thats even more time to identify the target. But on all of this i also don't have kids. and my feeling might be different on the whole thing then.
But as far as right now goes i could have 9mm or 00 buck and the only thing i could hurt is my walls.
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