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Hey Tom,

I am not Glen, but the current capital of Texas is Austin. It was Waterloo if I remember my American History right.

If I may Tom, Glen and others. I may be ordinary, or then again I may be rare, who knows. I know my local senators and represenitives, as well as a couple of sitting secretaries. My family isnt that politically conected, but we have been a long time business owner for years and between everything over the years you meet people. And yes, I do know my Fed and local congress_folk not just by name. Shoot, some I have known before they were ever elected when I was a child. From all of a few connections, there are bigger fish to fry, so to speak, with congress as a whole. My conversations with my congressmen, or should I say congress-people over the last couple of years leads me to believe many national issues arent so much important as the topic, and the partisan politics of it are.

For the most part they seem to say that gun control or firearms in general right now is a poison pill.

Tom and Glen, and others, forgive me, I know this isnt a political forum, but keeping this firearms related, I dont see we have much to worry about from congress in the immediate future beyond grandstanding. Everyone worries about each election. I worry more about the 2014 election with congress, then I do about the presidential election right now.
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