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EAA & Zastava EZ 40 Disapointment

After studying what little research I could find on the Zastava EZ 40, I decided to take a chance. I purchased a brand new gun and eagerly looked it over after it arrived. The finish was OK and the slide to frame fit seemed decent enough. Popped in a snap cap and quickly found out what a horrible DA trigger pull it had. The travel is long and the pressure keeps building up until it finally breaks and then the trigger slams into the frontstrap. SA was surprisingly decent considering how bad the DA pull was. The grips are cheap and thin--they actually flex inwards a little when you grip the gun firmly. Admittedly, I was a little disapointed considering the positive reviews that I had read. I decided that I could live with all this if it served its primary function well enough--after all, I paid $330 for it and didn't expect it to look and feel like a gun costing twice as much.

So I finally get a chance to shoot it. I load up the mag and go to rack the slide. I release the slide and the forward movement abruptly stops well short of where it should. The bullet is stuck. The nose of the bullet is caught at the base of the feed ramp and the rest of it is still stuck in the magazine. No matter how I try to work the slide to eject it, the bullet won't budge. I carefully hit the mag release and the mag won't eject. I have to end up grabing the bottom of the mag and carefully apply pressure until it pops out. Thinking that perhaps this was a fluke, I re-insert the mag and try it again. Same exact thing. Stubbornly, I try it again with the same result. By this time my fingernails on both hands feel like they are about to detach from the force necessary to pull the stuck mags out. At this point I am done.

I go home and decide to take a closer look at the gun. I rack back the slide(empty chamber/mag) and it locks back. I look at the feed ramp and the it does not appear to be rough at all or have any sharp, snaggy areas. I reach in to feel the ramp with my finger and it moves forward and up several millmeters, leaving a relatively wide gap between the lip of the mag and the ramp! I'm not a gunsmith but none of my other autos have that much barrel movement with the slide locked back.

So I try to contact EAAand see what they can do for me. I explain exactly what happened to the seemingly nice lady and she asks me if I think it may be the magazine. I tell her that I don't know but that I am concerned about the excessive forward movement of the barrel. She then informs me that I need to send the gun back to them at my own expense and also include an additional $20 for return shipping. I explain that I have a defective, brand new gun and don't feel that I should have to incur any further costs as the gun left the plant defective. She is now no longer friendly and is firmly reciting their policy. According to EAA, even a brand new albeit defective gun is still considered a warranty issue and the buyer must pay shipping and the $20 for return shipping. She will not budge or listen to any reason. She then quips that the problem could have happened in transit and that they were not responsible for such things. I have no further options left at this point. I try and muster as much professionalism as I can and give her my honest opinion of their policy. I won't repeat it here.

I know that their are a number of happy EAA customers out there and in truth, I'm happy for those who have had good experiences. I'm not trying to diminish their experience, just share my own.

I will end up posting this on other boards that I frequent so if you see the title, move on down as you have already read my novel
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