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More FFL myths....

dcobler....How secure does the location need to be (again, opinions more than welcome)? I am planning on (a safe of course) surveillance equipment and steel doors. Am I crazy for thinking of bars on the windows?
ATF does not require locks on your guns, steel doors, safes, security systems, burglar bars or even a lock on the front door. They DO require "certification of safe storage"....meaning any handgun leaving your premises must have a child safety lock or be in a container that allows safe storage.

Whether you need bars on the windows depends on your neighborhood and how much inventory you plan to keep on site. I do not stock inventory, doing only transfers, but have a security alarm and three loud dogs. I also have insurance to cover my customers guns while i am in possession.

Powderman Just one...

Remember that with your Class 01, ATF Compliance can come and inspect your licensed premises at any time during your posted business hours.

Do you REALLY want someone poking around your home? If it were me, I'd seriously consider a separate location.
Absolutely not true.
Per Federal law, ATF is limited to ONE compliance inspection per YEAR. this inspection is limited to the licensees firearm records and inventory. ATF cannot search your sock drawer without probable cause.

There is no requirement to have "posted business hours".....but the applicant IS required to list his business hours on the application and can change them at any time.

kilimanjaro I would personally want any business on my property to be in a building separate from the home. Who wants customers browsing through the house while you talk on the phone with another?
Uh.......who lets them do that? When I let a customer in the door I show them to the dining room table. If they choose to ignore my "have a seat, here's a 4473" and go on a self guided tour of my home they will be treated as an unwelcome guest and promptly shown the exit.
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