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Turned down often but fixed the problem

Years ago before marriage, kids and had money I bought a number of pistols. At the time in South Carolina you could only buy one pistol ever 30 days. The gun shop called "SLED" (South Carolina Law Enforcement Dept) and either got a go or no go on the purchase. If no go then you had to wait 30 days and SLED would approve you if they had not formally disapproved you. I got tired of that and visited the SLED office in Columbia. They were very nice to me and the excuse given was that there was an individual that had a criminal record with a name very similar to mine. I asked them to add my name to a file that I was not that guy with the criminal record. Never got turned down again. I was very polite and professional when I visited them and thanked them for their time when I left.

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