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Like I stated earlier I need a job but the commute would be a killer.

7.50 per hour is the reason they can't get help and they have rapid turnover of the help they get.
I have dealt with my local emplyment office when I expanded this past year and if you aren't offering better than 10.00 per hour to start you don't get applicants especially if the work is labor intensive.
Home Depot and Lowes start at 10-12.00 per hour.

Good labor jobs are running 12-13.00 per hour around here.
Absolutely correct, at a 40 hr based week I make $7 per hr on my unemployment. This sitting home, zero transportation costs and all that is involved with regards to a vehicle and maintenance.
So if $7.50 is the offer I'll ask our members would a person in my situation be wise or foolish to take a job as we are talking about.
All I'll add is that for the job I will have to travel 30 miles a day round trip
and we must add fed,state,local tax if they apply for with holdings
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